The Shargon Conclave

Their Holds lying deep within the Shargon Mountains, the Conclave is famous for its vast riches and resources. The most industrious of the Nations, the Primarily Dwarven mines of Shargon are the largest sources of ore in Tretton. Their industriousness, however, lies not solely in what lies below, but in all the Shargonan put their minds to. The great Cities of Shargon are testaments to the achievements of civilization. Signs of architectural and academic achievement are everywhere. Even the streets are formed of bricks of interlocking geometric shapes, demonstrating mathematical and mystical principles. The wildlands of Tretton feel distant, almost mythical, from inside Shargon territory.

Shargon Values:

Industry: Shargon is a culture of industry and building. Stonewise Artisans specialize in erecting and restoring buildings and other such edifices, to a near magical degree of skill. Stonewise Artisans are crucial to the Shargonan Army when creating military outposts. Shargon can be accredited to a vast majority of wood and metalwork in Tretton; their factories churning out twice what other nations create.

Invention: To the Shargonan, no idea is too stupid not to try once. This philosophy leads to many terrible accidents, and no small number of fatalities. Every so often, however, this experimentation leads to great discovery, further justifying in the minds of the Shargonan that unrestrained curiosity is the best Policy.

Shargon and the New World:

Similar to the Zedran, the Shargon are very keen on attaining a foothold in n’Doto. They are at the moment the most successful in doing so, having set up a mutually beneficial trade relationship with the Native Lizardfolk tribes. In exchange for a sizable portion of the yield of their mining operations, the Natives supply the Shargonan with a Reanimated workforce, saving them the costs of paying workers. Their administrative outpost lies on the outskirts of Port Mercy.


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