The Vvaraak Tribes

Laying claim to the vast deserts of Vvaraak, the tribes of the Vvaraaken thrive. Ruled by a code of honor, they are constantly at war with one another, conquering opposing tribes’ seitches with ruthlessness, matchless archery, and brutal cunning. They are renowned for their swiftness on the attack, and they mobilize in great, thundering waves of human, orc, ogre, and goblin warriors. Their success in conquering territory may be unmatched, but they live for the hot moment of battle, not for the slow years of ruling the land they overtake.

Vvaraak Values:

Ritual Conquest: To the Vvaraak, warfare a necessity of survival, no less important than eating. The Vvaraak are constantly at ritual war with each other. The desert is unforgiving to those who do not take what they need, and to assure that the resources of the Tribes are in the hands of the strong, their nation is in a perpetual state of civil war during Peace TIme.

Honor: Vvaraak are famous for their hospitality. To outsiders, it may seem like this stands directly in opposition to their warlike nature, but the Vvaraak see war only as a means for maintaining the strength of their people. Vvaraak warfare adheres to the treatise of honor, a strict codices of laws agreed upon by all major Sietches. Among these tenants is the decree that non-vvaraak are recieve every courtesy, and ritual warfare cannot take place in the presence of outsiders.

Vvaraak and The New World

Although not holding any lands in the New World, the Vvaraak are trading for as much Corpse Poppy as they can get their hands on, as it is becoming widely used by Sietch Shamans as an aid for bringing about spiritual visions.


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