The nation of Karrthas is where humanity remains strongest. It is home to Jorn, largest city in the old world, which houses the mighty Cathedral of The Father, seat of religion in the world and the place where a great hero once presided. Smaller towns radiate outward from Jorn across Karrthas’ rolling hills. Moving further east, Karrthas is home to a number of small-to-medium port towns, most situated at the mouth of a river that leads further inland. Karrthas is populated mainly by humans, halflings, and elves, most of whom seek business, salvation, or solitude. The province’s silver sand beaches, punctuated with rocky outcroppings, afford easiest access to the great ocean.

Karrthan Values:

Faith: Religion plays a major role in the lives of many Karrthan families. Although true divine magic hasn’t been seen in recent memory, the church stands as both the spiritual and political center of Karrthan society.

Wisdom: The Karrthan see themselves as more enlightened than the other nations. They believe they alone understand the true nature of the world and therefore are the only true arbiters of justice. What is considered righteous, however, varies from province to province.

Karrthas and the New World:

Port Mercy, the largest Tretton town in the New World, was founded by Karrthan settlers. Karrthas’ interests in n’Doto are both tangible and spiritual; if they had their way of things, the natives would renounce their unnatural practice of necromancy and turn towards their way of thinking. Ventures to this end have thus far been largely unsuccessful. Materially, they are interested in erecting Corpse Poppy Plantations as demand for the plant skyrockets.


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