Port Mercy

The most populous of the Tretton Colonies, Port Mercy is the center of trade and commerce in the New World. Although officially ruled by the Karrthan Church, true power lies in a pouch of silver. Mercy is home to several trade companies, each vying for their cut of the untapped riches of n’Doto. Although loosely allied along national origins, Mercy’s trading Companies seize any opportunity to gain economic advantage, even going as far as to hire private armies to protect their business interests.

Tretton Merchant Navy

Populated by guilds, independent merchants, and the occasional smuggler, the Merchant Navy is a loosely organized collection of private merchants. Primarily Shargonan and Karrthan in nationality, the Merchant Navy makes up the bulk of the traders found in Emerald Bay

Conclave Industries

Conclave Industries stands as the the largest single importer of Goods into the New World, responsible for nearly a third of all goods brought in from Tretton. —

Port Mercy

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