Tretton, or the Old World, is an assortment of continents on the Western Hemisphere of Siberys. It is home to many races and banners, and boasts the most populous and technologically advanced cities in the known world. Tretton is divided primarily by ecoregions into 4 major nations. For many years, these nations have enjoyed relative peace and prosperity, however with the discovery of the New World, old qualms have begun to resurface, as each nation begins to vie for power in the new world.

The Zedran Houses

In all they do, the Zedran strive to achieve perfection. They are a people that understand that the world is a harsh place, and to thrive, one must rise above the competition. The Zedran see themselves as a millstone, ever pushing forward, crushing everything that stands opposed.

The Vvaraak Tribes

Laying claim to the vast deserts of Vvaraak, the tribes of the Vvaraaken thrive. Ruled by a code of honor, they are constantly at war with one another, conquering opposing tribes’ seitches with ruthlessness, matchless archery, and brutal cunning. They are renowned for their swiftness on the attack, and they mobilize in great, thundering waves of human, orc, ogre, and goblin warriors. Their success in conquering territory may be unmatched, but they live for the hot moment of battle, not for the slow years of ruling the land they overtake.

Shargon Conclave

Their Holds lying deep within the Shargon Mountains, the Conclave is famous for its vast riches and resources. The most industrious of the Nations, the Primarily Dwarven mines of Shargon are the largest sources of ore in Tretton. Their industriousness, however, lies not solely in what lies below, but in all the Shargonan put their minds to. The great Cities of Shargon are testaments to the achievements of civilization. Signs of architectural and academic achievement are everywhere. Even the streets are formed of bricks of interlocking geometric shapes, demonstrating mathematical and mystical principles. The wildlands of Tretton feel distant, almost mythical, from inside Shargon territory.


The nation of Karrthas is where humanity remains strongest. It is home to Jorn, largest city in the old world, which houses the mighty Cathedral of The Father, seat of religion in the world and the place where a great hero once presided. Smaller towns radiate outward from Jorn across Karrthas’ rolling hills. Moving further east, Karrthas is home to a number of small-to-medium port towns, most situated at the mouth of a river that leads further inland. Karrthas is populated mainly by humans, halflings, and elves, most of whom seek business, salvation, or solitude. The province’s silver sand beaches, punctuated with rocky outcroppings, afford easiest access to the great ocean.


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