The Zedran Houses

In all they do, the Zedran strive to achieve perfection. They are a people that understand that the world is a harsh place, and to thrive, one must rise above the competition. The Zedran see themselves as a millstone, ever pushing forward, crushing everything that stands opposed.

Zedran Values:

Loyalty: to the Zedrani, the greatest threat to society is the unknown factor. Perfection can only be achieved through controlled variables. One who cannot be trusted is one that cannot be used, and the punishment for disloyalty is accordingly harsh and swift.

Precision: Zedrani firearms are works of Art, each crafted over no less than a month. Each creation is a beauty to behold, though Zedrani use gems sparingly in their designs, preferring to adorn their masterpieces with intricate steelwork. Zedrani Crafts are treasured throughout Tretton; owning one is a sign of wealth few families can boast.

Zedran and the New World:

Zedran sees the New World as theirs alone. After all, what ships but Zedrani Galleons carried the first settlers across the sea? Who else but the Zedran are fit to conquer the untamed and uncontrolled world of n’Doto? Their interest lies in land and power, regardless of what that land contains. They care little for the precious flower so sought after by the other nations, after all, what use is a substance that can’t be harnessed or controlled? Magic is unreliable, and its use leads to not but ruin.


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